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About St Audries

We looked at so many wedding venues, but fell in love with St Audries from the first visit. Not only is it just a beautiful building, but we’re both history nerds and loved the history of the house.

Records of St Audries Park can be traced back as far as 1086, when it was mentioned in the Doomsday Book. At the time it was called Cantocheve, which derives from canto cuan – meaning ‘hill country’, referring to the beautiful Quantock Hills that loom above the estate.

Three hundred years later, the Malet family own the estate, who were descendants of Guillaume Malet, a kinsman of William The Conqueror.

During the reign of King Henry VIII, one of their descendants decided to rename the St Audries Park as a tribute to the Anglo-Saxon Saint Audrey.

Saint Audrey was also known as Æthelthryth or Etheldreda, which also the namesake of the church on the grounds – which we won’t be using for our wedding ceremony, but you’re welcome to wander up and visit as it’s a short walk from the house.

Weirdly enough she’s the patron saint of throat complaints – I suppose someone had to be!